Trial acces to the Academic Complete package

vrijdag 9 november 2012

Up to November 23, the KU Leuven is granted trial access to the Academic Complete package on the Ebrary platform.

This multidisciplinary package contains approximately 88.000 e-books, divided in 16 subcollections:

· Business & Economics: 12.601 titels

· Computers & IT: 4.097 titels

· Education: 3.625 titels

· Engineering & Technology: 6.060 titels

· History & Political Science: 15.492 titels

· Humanities: 4.332 titels

· Interdisciplinary & Area Studies: 5.405 titels

· Language, Literature & Linguistics: 9.339 titels

· Law, International Relations & Public Policy: 6.227 titels

· Life Sciences: 4.673 titels

· Medicine: 2.898 titels

· Nursing & Allied Health: 4.006 titels

· Physical Sciences: 4.215 titels

· Psychology & Social Work: 4.249 titels

· Religion, Philosophy & Classics: 8.153 titels

The Ebrary-record in Limo directs you to the homepage of the platform ( There, you can find links to the different subcollections, a ‘simple search’ menu and an ‘advanced search’ menu.

This trial is meant to examine whether the contents of Academic Complete fits the collection profile of the KU Leuven libraries. Please send your  feedback  on the package’s contents and available functionalities (separate Reader plug-in, Bookshelf and full or partial download) to, by the end of the trial on November 23.


Luther, Länder und Löwen: Bücherschätze der KU Leuven Universitätsbibliotheken.

vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

From October 15 to December 21, the Maurits Sabbe Library is hosting the exhibition Luther, Länder und Löwen: Bücherschätze der KU Leuven Universitätsbibliotheken.

This exhibition, organized by professor Wim François (Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences) and dr. Violet Soen (Faculty of Arts), displays many valuable works concerning Luther, kept in the KU Leuven libraries. Also, historical atlases show the most important Luther-cities. Naturally, the exhibition focuses on the Faculty of Theology who condemned a number of Luther’s opinions, following the example of the university Cologne.

During the formal opening of the exhibition, on Monday October 15, actors Norbert Hein and Irina Schädlich will perform various moments out of the lives of Martin Luther and Katherina von Bora.

Access Maurits Sabbe Library / toegang Maurits Sabbebibliotheek

dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

As of October 22, admissions in all the university libraries, including the Maurits Sabbe Library, will be more strictly observed: every vistor must use his/her student of personnel card to enter the library. Those who haven’t got their card, can either buy a day card (2,5 euros and 5 euros warranty) or go home to collect their card.

Vanaf 22 oktober gelden in alle universiteitsbibliotheken, ook in de Maurits Sabbebibliotheek, striktere toegangsregels: iedereen die de bibliotheek wil bezoeken moet zijn/haar studenten- of personeelskaart gebruiken om naar binnen te komen. Wie geen studenten- of personeelskaart bij heeft, koopt ofwel een dagkaart (2,5 euro en 5 euro waarborg) of gaat terug naar huis om zijn/haar studenten- of personeelskaart te halen.

A note of thanks from Magda | Magda bedankt jullie

dinsdag 24 juli 2012

In dank,

een laatste groet aan u allen die ik door de jaren heen aan de balie mocht ontmoeten: professoren, studenten, bibliotheek- en secretariaatspersoneel, technische dienstverleners, tijdelijke bezoekers.

5 juli 2012: een overweldigende bloemenhulde en een grootse afscheidsviering. Haec meminisse iuvabit. Mijn preciosum maak ik tot facebook. U schreef met zovelen lovende woorden, voor mij rijzen de mensen op. Dank u, dank u. Met excuses voor de volgehouden computer en digitale onkunde, waarover – onterecht – geen klacht.

Dear international students, it was my pleasure to meet you coming from all parts of the globe. Sitting at the desk you opened to me a worldwide horizon of cultures and warm friendship. Thank you for your kindness.
I remember you with joy. God bless you.
Maurits Sabbebibliotheek,

30 juli 2012

Magda Engelen

Click to read the original letter.

Trial Access for Bibliographic Database HSSI Retrospective

woensdag 27 juni 2012
Trial Access for Bibliographic Database HSSI Retrospective Trial Access for E-resource: HSSI Retrospective

Professor Theo D’haen (Faculty of Arts) has obtained for the KU Leuven a one-month long trial access (expiring on July 22 with the possibility of extension) for the database Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 (H.W. Wilson). The database (containing mainly bibliographical data with a limited number of full text publications) can be interesting for people working in the following fields:

  • Addiction Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Art
  • Communications & Mass Media
  • Criminal Justice
  • Environmental Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Gerontology
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • Literary & Social Criticism
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Planning & Public Administration
  • Political Science
  • Psychiatry & Psychology
  • Religion & Theology
  • Sociology
  • Urban Studies

You can access the database on campus or using stuiterproxy through the following link:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=hsr

Clean-Up-the-Library Day on Thursday July 5

dinsdag 26 juni 2012

In order to improve the availability of the books in our collection, the next Clean-Up-the-Library Day will be held on Thursday July 5. The following books will be removed from the tables:

  • books without a reference card;
  • books with an incomplete or illegible reference card;
  • books for which the due date has been expired;
  • books with call numbers A(A) and P except those with (A05 and A06);
  • books for which the actual table number does not match the table number on the reference card.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Noise Expected in Reading Rooms Due to Demolition of Carrels

vrijdag 22 juni 2012
Noise Expected in Reading Rooms Due to Demolition of Carrels

Old carrels must give way to open study places. Photo: © KU Leuven (Ellen Vandenbroeck)

The demolition of the carrels beginsin the library after the June exam session. The preparatory works will take place on Thursday 28 and Friday June 29. The actual demolition begins on Monday July 2 and the end of the works is planned for Friday, July 6. First, the carrels on the first floor are to be pulled down, followed by those on the second floor and finally the carrels on the third floor will be demolished.
During the demolition, there will be considerable noise in the reading rooms. The elevator and stairs remain unaffected by the works and can be used normally.
The demolition of the carrels is necessary for the renewal of the library infrastructure. There will be more open study places instead so that our readers can consult the collection and do research in a clear, modern and spacious environment.
Thank you for your understanding.